Symptoms Indicating Problems With Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth PainThere are many different reasons why you could be experiencing dental pain, and some of them are more common than others. Almost everyone will experience some sort of tooth decay during their lifetime, and many people will have infections from time to time – but it is wisdom tooth pain that is quite different, and you need to be able to distinguish when it is something small and insignificant, and when the pain is actually due to your wisdom teeth coming through. So what are the symptoms of wisdom teeth problems?

Well, firstly the main clue that the pain you are experiencing is from wisdom teeth specifically is the location of the pain. Wisdom teeth only come through at the very back of your mouth, so if that’s where the pain is coming from, then it’s likely to be them. You may also notice that the gum area at the back of your mouth is red, sore, and a little bit swollen. These are other clues that suggest that you have wisdom tooth pushing through your gums to make it to the surface.

Another symptom of wisdom teeth is actually pain around the first back molar in your mouth. This happens when the wisdom tooth is impacted, which means that it is growing at a slight angle and is pushing against your other teeth. And that is not the last symptom: some people who have their wisdom teeth coming through will also have jaw ache, and problems with stiffness in their jaw area. This can make eating and brushing your teeth very difficult.

If you have found that you are suffering through any or all of these symptoms, then make sure you book an appointment to see Dr Paige Woods, a dental expert in helping patients with their wisdom teeth – call 619-359-6970.

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